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Have you ever noticed that being busy sometimes gets in the way of being close? GC Intensive is a four-hour power meeting for couples who know they need to grow and are excited to learn how to move to the next level together. Limited space is available. GET MORE DETAILS







Your Relationship Coach

Michael Carstens

Michael has been walking alongside couples, families, and youth since 1990. He is experienced in dealing with a variety of relationship situations, problems, and crisis. Michael has witnessed ongoing success in the relationships receiving his care and in those willing to do the hard work it takes to grow and mature.

Michael addresses all the facets of relational life - body soul and spirit - to provoke passion for love and life at it's best. His commitment as a Relationship Coach is to see couples and families Thrive. Michael is experienced in pastoral care as well as coaching; he has wide involvement helping relationships from a variety of backgrounds and ideals.

Michael lives in Denver Colorado with his True Companion of 29 years.

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You've found your way to for a couple of possible reasons--

         Maybe you are curious about growing a good marriage into a thriving marriage...


             Maybe you are desparate to save a struggling marriage before it's too late...

In any case, you are thinking about getting some help and support. You haven't lost hope in love and you haven't given up on your spouse. I will assume you're not interested in settling for a mediocre marriage like too many couples seem to do. I expect you are searching for ways to bring you DEEP LIFE together.




Let me start by saying what a great decision you have made to seek help for a most important relationship in your life. Too much is at stake for you to surrender to whatever difficult circumstances you're experiencing now. I have found that many couples who feel that their relationship is over, are not that far from finding the goodness that they were looking for when they began the relationship.



With some fresh perspective and compassionate support from a skilled relationship coach, your marriage can develop into a cherished and rewarding Adventure of Love. If you are willing to commit the time and effort and invest in your relationship to let it grow and mature, I would be delighted to join you in the process.