Ask a lot of questions...

It is best if you enter into this effort with confidence and assurance that together, we can accomplish something great. If after examining these web pages, you still have more questions, please contact me and we can begin a discussion about how you can benefit from a Relationship Coach.

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I'm not sure I can afford this...

It's clear, this is a solid investment. Maybe examine the cost of not hiring a Relationship Coach, and continuing on your current path. Will you be happy about that a year from now?

It's all a matter of priorities, right? You've spent $500 on things a lot less important than this. Is it possible that for you to really have a thriving relationship, you'll have to set it as your number one priority? How bad do you really want it?

You do need to think it through carefully. Your commitment to take the time and make the effort to do the hard work and make the investment is no joke. I'm only interested in joining with you if your commitment to thrive is real, none of us has the time or energy to waste pretending or playing games around the important relationships of life.

How do we get help?

Relationship Coaching can be customized to what best supports your needs; cost varies with the amount of time you request. Together we can design a coaching system that suits your desired relationship development. 

Remember, coaching is an investment in the most essential area of life: Your Relationships. It's my hope that you will find it to be the best investment you ever make.


Member Plans and Definitions

Initial Explore Meeting  This is our first meeting where we discuss the possibilities and potential relationship developments you would like to work towards. There is no cost for this meeting.

Regular Members meet with their Relationship Coach on a consistent schedule two to four times per month.

Monthly Members meet with their Relationship Coach on a consistent schedule three to four times per month.

Regular and Monthly also include:

  • Email Support
  • Reasonable Phone Support
  • Resource Discounts

Distance Members can benefit from Relationship Coaching through phone and online systems. This works in the same way and at the same rates as local Regular or Monthly Members. Instead of meeting in person, we meet on the phone and through online contacts. If you live outside of the Denver metro or Front Range area of Colorado we can still work together to generate thriving relationships in your life.


Individuals is personal Coaching with one who wishes to move forward in his relationships.

Couples is Coaching for those thinking of marriage or already married who want to move their relationship to the next level or work through struggles they might have.

Family Advance is a meeting of the members of a family unit who want to improve their relationships.


Renovate Team "To restore to good condition; to make new" A Renovate Team is a meeting of a group of four to eight people with similar interests and struggles who want to work together to grow and mature in their relationships - Renovate, refresh, revive.  

Meetings can last 60 to 90 minutes depending on the conversation. The commitment in each meeting is to accomplish something important together, in an appropriate amount of time.

Compensation Description

  • Initial Explore Meeting is always $Zero

Regular Members - per meeting

  • Indivdual/Couple $55
  • Family Advance $65
  • Renovate Team $15 each

Monthly Members - per month

  • Individual/Couple $200
  • Family Advance $240
  • Renovate Team $55

Payment Methods and Policies

Cash or check at the time of meeting

Please make checks payable to Michael Carstens